Happy Paddle

Offers kayak, paddle board, and bike rentals to enhance your outdoor experience. Located next to the public beach, this is also the trail head for the Beaver Island water trail.  Call (630)488-2949 to make a reservation or visit www.happypaddle.com to learn more.

Happy Paddle is owned and run by one of our organizers, Mark Engelsman. Mark is one of the driving forces behind the scenes of the Be Happy Dance Weekend. His passion for contra dance started while he was in art school in North Carolina, dancing once a week at one of the oldest dances in the country.  From there he moved back to his home state of Michigan, and has enjoyed contra dancing ever since.  Now it is one of his goals to bring the joy of dancing to our small community.

Photo by Taffy Raphael

Larissa McGinnity

Potter, artist, and dance organizer.  If you enjoy finely crafted handmade pottery, check out what Larissa has to offer during your stay on the Island!  Her work is available at Beaver Island Gallery and Studio on Donegal Bay Rd.

As a child in Ann Arbor listening to her parent's records of Wild Asparagus, Larissa grew up with contra dancing in her life.  While in college, it became a regular weekend activity to share with friends.  One of her goals with Be Happy Dance Weekend and the Beaver Island Community Contra Dance group, is to bring contra dance to the Island community, and share the unique destination of Beaver Island with dancers from the mainland.  Together there can be a wonderful experience!

Green Beaver Island mugs for St. Patrick
Getting ready, packing things up for App
Bird jars! 🕊 _#wheelthrownpottery #kitc

More sponsors coming soon!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Larissa (rissierae@yahoo.com).  You'll be helping to keep this fun event going, plus you'll be advertised here, and on the back of our shirt!